Imagine that a tech startup is about to launch their new product. One of their top investors walks in to meet with the CEO, to see how things are moving:

“How’s production, is it ready?”

“Yep, all equipped to go.” 

“How about design?”

“That, too. We have multiple iterations for Android, iOS and the stealth site is ready to go live.”

“Okay great, and what about marketing?”

Would the CEO answer: No idea, go ask the marketing guy? 

No. I can guarantee those words would never leave a CEO’s mouth. Why? Because the CEO has their hands in every aspect of the launch process. From ideation to dissemination.

So… why don’t artists have the same mindset?

I’ve noticed a lot of artists have the writing/production aspects down, but when it comes to rolling out their work — they have someone else handling it, or they just don’t know where to begin.

And look, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working with a publicist (yo! I am one!), but there’s a lot of artists who just throw that responsibility to someone, without understanding the ins and outs of branding their career.

And if you don’t understand what makes a good PR campaign, how can you ensure that your publicist is pulling their weight? And how can you ensure your brand is represented properly?

Also, with the massive amount of shady “promo deals” in today’s industry, it can be hard to trust a third party.

But how about a solution? Doing it yourself. 

Sure, there’s going to be a time where you need to hire on additional help, but we live in an age of social media, indie distribution and DIY marketing. There’s no reason to blindly throw money each month on promo, when you can have all of those tools at your fingertips.

Take control of your brand, position it in the light you want — and also, by driving the bus on your own for a bit, you know what to look for when you are ready to hand over the wheel.

Introducing: The Artist Launch Kit.

I want to empower you as an artist.
I want to give you all of the tools you need for a successful launch, and the tools to keep momentum.
I want to help you navigate this industry own your own, whether it’s physically or just to supervise.

Therefore, I want to begin offering artists tool kits. Tools that artists can utilize for the rest of their career, for any launch or any project.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Artist Launch Kit:

  • Consultation & Marketing Plan

This might seem simple — but it’s actually my most popular service, now included in this package.

It’s where I look at your entire digital presence: websites, social media, newsletters, EPK and more — and then discuss how each one can be improved. I include screenshots, as well as video to give you a real-time look at how your presence can be improved. I also tie this in with a next-steps marketing plan, that you can use as a guide for any campaign.

  • Custom Pitches

It’s not what you’re selling, it’s how you sell it. A pitch is essential to grabbing the attention of writers (or anyone else you’re speaking with). Let’s get rid of the copy paste pitch, and allow me to prepare five custom pitch templates for you. Each can be tweaked and adjusted to be used in a way that’s effective, yet  unique to the writer.

  • A Unique and Customized Media List

I will assist you in building a media list that’s right for your music — including middle and high tier blogs and magazines. However, we will also work together to make sure there are media outlets of your choice listed, and targeted.

  • EPK

An artist’s EPK isn’t just necessary for press, but also essential for booking, licensing and even label consideration. Along with this package, I will develop an EPK that’s professional, sleek and catches the eye of press, venues and labels alike. While it may seem like a small item compared to the others, your EPK is something you will use, potentially, for the remainder of your career.

  • Organized Google Drive Setup

This is another “underdog” of the launch process, but I’m going to set up a Google Drive system for you. This will include the aforementioned media list, but also status documents, folders and other templates to keep you organized.

This is especially useful if you’re running a large campaign, or you have a few people on your team. Having a status sheet, and a pitch template sheet makes for great upkeep and collaboration.

So, if you have a release you want to market — let’s talk about getting you started with a Launch Kit. It’s the perfect way to have an arsenal of tools so you can begin fully taking control of your work.

If you’re interested in learning more, or getting started on a Launch Kit, contact me today. As I’m just releasing this package, pricing is going to depend on you and your needs.

So, let’s chat — and we’ll develop a budget that works with you and your career.