Looking To Hire a Veteran Communications Professional?

Strategic Communications & PR

I am a seasoned Public Relations  and Marketing professional with a background heavy in  Clean Energy, Transportation and Emerging Technologies. 

After 10 Years working for agencies and a successful freelance career, I am looking for a new place to call Home and put all of my passion towards. 


Public + Media Relations

Throughout my career I have managed successful media relations campaigns for both target and mainstream media. Each campaign is targeted for specific company goals and KPIs, much more than just run-of-the-mill outreach.

Operational Management

Alongside Public Relations, I also have experience in developing operating procedures and processes to ensure a healthy workflow for internal communication teams. By inviting me to your team, I will ensure we operate as a well-oiled machine.

Thought Leadership

All effective communications campaigns include thought leadership. I have experience in drafting technical speaking abstracts, award nominations as well as ghostwriting pieces for top-level executives. All of which can be further leveraged in future marketing and campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Whether it’s social media or other online advertising, I have you covered. I have successfully managed growth marketing strategies for numerous companies in various industries.

Social Media Management

While numbers and growth matter – so does your branding. As social media plays so heavily into PR, I also have extensive experience in this field. I often utilize social media as a way to continue rapport with media professionals and influencers.

Content Marketing

Good content – blogs, videos, abstracts, white papers and more – can be utilized in numerous capacities. They can be used in digital marketing funnels, social media posts as well as used during a PR push. This is another area I’m proud to have worked in.

About Me

I began my career with Sony Global, before leveraging those contacts into a successful freelance career. During this time, I managed PR and communications for emerging technology companies such as SeatGeek, Lottery.com, FieldPulse and TapJets.

In 2014, I joined a boutique PR firm focused on clean technology. Throughout my time there, I had the pleasure of working with clients in sectors such as fleet electrification, solar and storage, consumer EV tech and utility software solutions. My work with these clients surpassed general media relations and also touched on thought leadership, technical writing and digital marketing management.

My clients during this time included companies such as AMPLY Power, Axiom Exergy, PXiSE Energy Solutions, energyOrbit, OutBack Power and more. Through these efforts, I also managed outreach for partner campaigns that included Honda Motor Co., Whole Foods, The State of Delaware, The State of New York and others.

As a long-tenured member of the team, I also assisted the agency in it’s project management, and development of its standard operating procedures. As a consultant, I would later take this knack for process creation to other agencies and in-house teams to aid in impactful marketing and PR flows.

While the bulk of my recent work has surrounded clean energy, I also have experience in fields such as SaaS and enterprise solutions, entertainment, consumer goods and public affairs.

After nearly 10 years of working in agency settings and running my own freelance business, I am passionately looking for a new place to call home. I genuinely believe that by putting my expertise and energy into one company and vision – I will have the sense of ownership and vigor to be an incredibly useful asset.

My Approach & Philosophy

Communications goes beyond a press release, a blog post or a social media campaign. Communications is a multi-layered system that needs consistent creativity and balance. While media and public relations are at the heart of everything I do, I commonly incorporate social media outreach, thought leadership and technical writing into all of my projects.

Not only do I firmly believe in a “many armed beast” approach for communications, I also strive for unique standard operating procedures to ensure the entire team agrees on messaging, vision and the desired outcome.

My insistence on creativity, no matter how small the project, and my familiarity with best practices has given me a long and successful career in communications. I hope to bring these skills to a new company as a full-time team member and partner.

Clean Energy & Transportation Projects

As more public and private fleets seek to electrify their vehicles, many fleet operators struggle with the vast learning curve and operational changes found in switching from ICE to EVs.

That’s why AMPLY Power offers end-to-end charging management for vehicle fleets, all for a price-per-mile driven fee.

AMPLY Power is a Fast Co. World Changing Idea honoree, as well as part of LACI Cleantech Incubator and Elemental Excelerator.

Milestones & Accomplishments
  • Consistent coverage in both mainstream and targeted trade media outlets such as Forbes, Greentech Media, FleetOwner, CleanTechnica, NGT and more.
  • Managed and drafted successful award submissions including: Fast Co. 2019 World Changing Idea Award, Global Cleantech 100 Honoree and The Grist 50 inclusion.
  • Assistance in the copy editing and release of it’s pivotal ICE vs. EV cost comparison white paper and metric tool.
  • Managed communications for its official launch,  AMPLIFY software release, as well as its partnerships with Logan Bus, BYD, New York State, Pacific Current and others.
  • Successfully drafted technical speaking opportunity abstracts for events such as Energy Storage International, Intersolar, ACT Expo, Fleet Forward, APTA Conference and more.
Axiom Exergy
Supermarkets and cold storage facilities are plagued by high electric bills, though they are left with little choice due to the nature of needing always-on refrigeration.

Axiom Exergy provides a thermal energy “ice battery” solution to ensure cost savings for cold storage facilities.

The company works with high-profile retailers such as Walmart and Whole Foods.

Milestones & Accomplishments
  • Secured placement in both mainstream outlets such as TechCrunch and Forbes, as well as industry outlets such a Supermarket News and Supermarket Dive.
  • Managed communications for partnerships including Whole Foods and Walmart, as well as the release of it’s Axiom Cloud software solution.
  • Successfully drafted technical speaking opportunity abstracts for events such as FMI, TechCrunch Sessions, Global Cleantech Forum and more.
As more utilities look to implement energy efficiency  programs and incentives, software is needed for tracking, reporting and monitoring these goals.

energyOrbit assists these utilities with an easy-to-use software to ensure all energy efficiency programs are properly managed.

Milestones & Accomplishments
  • Strategic coverage in industry publications such as PowerGen International and Smart Energy, as well as targeted press based on partnering regions.
  • Managed recurring Forbes column for CEO, Udi Merhav, as well as assisted in drafting and placement of articles in numerous industry publications.
  • Managed communications for launch of it’s eO Marketplace tool, as well as partnerships with State of Delaware, Wabash Valley Power, Lincoln Electric Systems and more.
  • Successfully drafted technical speaking opportunity abstracts for industry events such as AESP National and E Source.
Enel X (eMotorWerks)
Enel X (then called eMotorWerks) supplied a smart-charging device for electric vehicles. The charger ensured only the cheapest and cleanest energy was being used for charging. This ensured lower costs on energy bills, while also not overloading the power grid.

The company was acquired by Enel Green Power in 2017.

Milestones & Accomplishments
  • Secured feature in Inc. 500, as well as other mainstream outlets such as Fast Co. and Forbes.
  • Strategic press placement with EV, clean energy, and automotive media such as CleanTechica, Greentech Media, Automotive News, EV World and more.
  • Managed communications for partnerships including Honda Motor Co., Xcel Energy, Nayax. as well as new product releases.
  • Successfully drafted technical speaking opportunity abstracts for events such as Intersolar, ACT Expo, Energy Storage International, TechCrunch Sessions and more.

Other Notable Clean Energy Clients

Software, Consumer & Other Projects
FieldPulse is a project management SaaS solution geared towards contractors such as electricians, plumbers, painters and any general contractor.

I also managed and maintained its “sister apps” ContractorCalculator and SimplySend.

Milestones & Accomplishments
  • Secured features in industry trade magazines such as CONTRACTOR and Construction Today.
  • Managed co-marketing opportunities with trade organizations and similar solutions.
  • Managed developed of ContractorCalculator which resulted in a steady lead magnet for FieldPulse downloads.
  • Managed weekly blog, alongside weekly newsletter and influencer outreach.
Stojo is a reusable coffee cup that not only is available at stores such as StarBucks and Bed, Bath & Beyond, but also used in corporate offices to promote sustainability.

The product started as a kickstarter, and eventually gained international success as a sustainable alternatives to plastic and paper coffee cups.

Milestones & Accomplishments
  • Various coverage in outlets such as O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day and more.
  • Strategic press announcements with partner stores and manufacturers.
  • Leveraged executive team as thought leaders through guest article placement and conference involvement.
Agency & Strategic Partnerships

Throughout my career, I have partnered with agencies and companies for consultations, one-off projects and continued engagements. These agencies include Technica Communications, Scout Lab, and Higher Glyphs among others.

Milestones & Accomplishments
Depending on the agency or company, some of the key areas of assistance have included the following:

  • Developed standard operating procedures for marketing campaigns such as PR, web development, social media management and content marketing.
  • Assisted in consultations and marketing plans for specific agency and product clients.
  • Assisted companies during transition period during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Served as a consultant during quarterly meetings and various new marketing projects.

Let’s get to know one another.