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Looking for project management or DIGITAL MARKETing?

All Things Growth

I offer Project Management and Growth Marketing for individuals, startups, large companies and more. Sometimes, I also assist in the development of content and marketing funnel strategies to ensure proper communications infrastructure for teams. 


Project Management

Project (and Product)  Management is the hallmark of any good campaign or service. It keeps your team and any external partners in-budget, on time to ensure success. Whether you’re looking for scrum, six sigma or a custom process, it’s no problem. 

Operational Management

It’s one thing to manage a product, it’s another to manage an entire process. With specialties in customizing standard operating procedures and unique processes for your project and company culture, get in touch today! 


Public + Media Relations

Reaching into my extensive network of reporters, as well as ability to connect with niche writers and outlets, I manage persistent PR outreach, alongside developing those connections on your behalf.

Digital Advertising

Whether it’s social media or other online advertising, I have you covered. I go beyond just placing ads – I also craft funnels and unique user journeys just for your needs.

Social Media Management

While numbers and growth matter – so does your branding. I also manage social media profiles and create content in-brand with your goals.

Content Marketing

Good content – blogs, videos, abstracts, white papers and more – can be utilized in numerous capacities. They can be used in digital marketing funnels, social media posts as well as used during a PR push.

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