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My goal in our music industry has always been incredibly simple: To give artists the tools they need to succeed.

This incredibly simple mission statement is why I began offering my Artist Launch Kit, it’s why I generate (hopefully) helpful content on this blog and others. It’s why I offer consultation packages, and if you’ve ever done a full-on campaign with me — it’s why I supply artists with strategies, plans, and guidebooks to keep for their development.

Lately, namely on Twitter but other places too, I’ve had some incredible conversations with artists, managers, producers as well as fans. Not only is it me preaching my views, but it’s me taking notes from others, too. When I see artists and teams hustling late night, it makes me want to offer something new, something fresh and something that can assist artists in taking their work even further.

Therefore, I am launching a new resource for artists, managers and teams: The Artist Pop Up Shop.

The Artist Pop Up Shop is a late-night, limited-time outlet that includes:

  • Genre-Based Media Lists
  • Similar Artist Based Media Lists
  • Pitch Templates
  • Ad Tutorials
  • Marketing Guides

And much more.

Before I go on, I’ll answer a few questions:

Question: Wait, so.. what exactly is being offered at your online shop?

Answer: A wide variety of resources, but some of the most attractive are the extensive media lists. Not only do I have media lists by genre, which contains active and valid writer information, but I also offer lists based on “similar artists”.

Other than media lists, there will be advertising guides, pitch templates and much more.

Question: Where are you getting your media lists, and why are they so special?


Answer: My media lists come from both my experience in the industry, as well as professional PR directories. These two directories alone can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month and are used by big brands, major labels and professional PR firms.

No media list I offer is over $35 bucks. So, you’re getting media leads from an expensive professional database… for about the same price as lunch at your local Applebee’s.

Question: Why a “Pop Up” limited time shop?

Answer: I’m lucky to have incredible people who support my writing, and professional work. I wanted to “give back” in a way that brings some form of exclusivity. Therefore, I will only be offering limited edition items, and even only operating the shop during certain hours.

This brings some fun to it, while also serving an active community who are looking to promote indie music and DIY culture.

Question: When Does It Open?

Answer: The first night of opening is August 4th, 2016 at 10:00pm CST. However, I will give early access to my newsletter subscribers. So, sign up here.

I’ll be updating this link with the proper URL on opening night!

Once live, remember to keep checking back as I’ll be updating items weekly.

So, there you have it! Be sure to check back tonight for the proper link and even further info!


UPDATE: We’re Live!!!

Check it out at: